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Postpartum Care Services

After Child Birth or Postpartum Care

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first baby or one of many, child birth is a joyous and stressful event. Being surrounded with loving people during the pregnancy and delivery of your newborn baby is key to a blissful birth. A-1 Home Care can provide caring and expert Prenatal and Postpartum care to pamper the deserving mom-to-be. Our Caregivers, Nurse Aides, Nannies, Baby Nurses, Companions and Home Health Aides will provide the emotional support and assistance you need during the last trimester of your pregnancy. She will help you recover from the physical ordeal of child birth while helping your family adjust to a new baby in your home. Our skilled and compassionate Mother’s Helper will provide the night time care your newborn needs, assuring you rest and recuperate from starring in the miracle of life.

The Right Caregiver or Nanny for You

All Caregivers and Nannies from A-1 Home Care are carefully screened for our client’s safety and peace of mind. We guarantee to find a compatible Caregiver with the right skills to provide the postpartum care you need. Whether you have a healthy, uncomplicated child birth or needed a cesarean section due to complications, we have the right Caregiver or Nanny for you. A-1 Home Care has Caregivers, Nurse Aides, Home Health Aides, Nannies, Home Helpers and Baby Nurses experienced in premature infant care and the after surgery needs of child birth. We have provided postpartum and child care services to thousands of families in Hollywood, Studio City, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Brentwood and Los Angeles County. Let us indulge you with the personal service and attention a new mother deserves!

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