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Kidney Disease In-Home Care in Hollywood, CA

Diagnosis with a kidney tumor can be a traumatizing moment. Unfortunately, as some kidney tumors do not cause any signs or symptoms, some elders discover their tumors after they have developed into cancer. Kidney cancer arises from the parenchyma, the part of the kidney that sends urine to the bladder. Urinalysis is done and doctors examine the sample of urine to look for any abnormal cells. If they discover abnormal levels of creatinine or liver enzymes, it is a sign of impaired kidney function that has spread to the liver.

A-1 Home Care encourages loved ones to provide emotional and moral support for their senior parent or spouse who has developed kidney cancer.
Our nurse aides provide support in the process of chemotherapy, specialist visits, urology appointments and dialysis. We provide compassionate care, as the elderly patient can be prone to depression and unstable moods.

A-1 Home Care provides skilled Hollywood Kidney Cancer & Tumor Care in the areas of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Burbank, Los Angeles and Orange County, CA. We are an A+ rated homecare agency with the BBB. We provide free in home consultations and affordable caregiving services.

CALL us at 310-657-8780 a FREE in-home assessment.

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